• Must-Have Items to Keep on Your Boat

    There’s nothing in the world that can quite compare to the feeling of stepping onto a boat and heading out on the water. For me it brings a sense a peace and serenity, for others maybe a sense of adventure, but no matter what feelings it stirs up you can’t deny that when out on the water there are certain measures that can be taken to improve your experience. Let’s talk about some of those must have items to keep on your boat.

    What kind of boating article would this be if I didn’t mention making sure to keep a life jacket on board? I don’t doubt your swimming skills for a second but accidents can happen at any time, even if you’re boating on the calmest lake in the world. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just make sure that it fits and that it’s US Coast Guard approved.

    Since we’re talking about safety, be certain you have a basic first aid kit on board. Make sure you also add sunscreen and aloe vera gel for possible sunburns that might happen. Nothing ruins the day like having to return to shore early due to simple cuts or abrasions.

    My next recommended item to keep on board is a dry bag for your items that you don’t want getting wet. A Ziploc bag will do in a pinch but a quick google search will bring up plenty of floating dry bag options. The fact that it floats means that if it happens to fall overboard it should be easier to fish out rather than trying to dive for it. Phones are expensive and they hold a lot of our sensitive information these days so keeping it safe while on the water is a top priority.

    Speaking of cell phones, you’ll probably want to keep yours charged in case of an emergency. This is where the durahub solar battery bank comes in handy. It can charge up to four devices at once and recharges itself in the sunlight. If you need to charge it faster (say you left it in the garage and didn’t remember to take it out until the day of your trip) you can plug it in to the wall to juice it up that way as well. If your device has QI the DuraHub solar battery bank even supports wireless charging. It’s protective covering makes it shockproof and waterproof so it’s the perfect addition to your boating adventures.

    Now that you’ve read through this list of must have items to keep on your boat you are all set for your next excursion. Stay safe and enjoy the water!

  • How to Choose a Name for Your Boat

    Deciding the name for your boat can be a tricky thing. Just imagine you founded the perfect boat for you, with everything you could wish for and more. It’s there, in the Marina, begging you to buy it, expecting for you.

    However, at the same moment, you realize that The Bounding Flounder it’s a name you will have never choose for yourself! No way!

    But you really, really like the boat. The lovely curves of the hull calling to your inner sailor in an almost unstoppable way. You want that boat. You crave it. How can you remedy this situation?

    Don’t worry, sailor! That’s when these helpful tips come in handy. Naming or renaming a boat it is not an easy task, and you need to be thoughtful and consider all your options, as the name of your new boat can reflect either the type of boat it is or something really personal to you.

    First of all, you must ask some interesting questions:

    • What does the boat mean to you? It can mean Freedom (Spirit of the Sea), personal realization (My Last Years), or even a dream come true (Finally).
    • What do you really love from your life, enough so you can remember it any time you go out on your boat? Maybe the name of a special girl who uses tribulus for women – helping to keep things interesting, or the place where you had your honeymoon.
    • What are your hobbies? Maybe you love oldies rock music (Detroit Rock City), or you have a really dark sense of humor (Hope It can Float).

    These aren’t questions that can’t be easily answered. So, take into consideration this tips:

    • Decide on a theme, whatever humorous, adventurous, water-based, or very personal
    • Search the web for your chosen theme plus your boat type. There’s a lot of awesome combinations there
    • Write down any names that sound “right”. The Sea Singer, Master of the Waves, Hopefully Afloat, whatever you think it sounds like it belongs to you, and read them out loud. That way you will know if it sounds right when spoken.
    • Come up with a top five list, and play around a bit with any words that might be used in a different way. Master of the Waves and Sea Singer might become Master Singer or Sea-Songs for the Waves.

    Always remember, the best boat names will be those that reflect something from your personality, without being contradictory or even antagonize the boat’s very own soul. And Don’t forget to have fun naming your new best sea friend!

  • How to Prepare a Safe Boating with Family

    One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time outdoors with the family is boating. Countless activities can be done on a boat, including fishing, cruising, and tubing, and more. Letting the kids learn about boating safety won’t only protect them now. It will also give them an extra life skill which they can use at any point in life.

    Safety Tips for your Children

    Check weather conditions. Tune in to your local weather forecast before leaving the shore or check the reputable online weather forecast sources. Once you’ve set sail and notice there are darkening clouds, drastic change in temperature, or rough winds, be safe and get off the water.

    Develop a float plan. Let someone else know trip itinerary. You can inform a family member or staff at your local marina. A float plan includes the contact information for all passengers, boat type, and registration information.

    Make kids wear the life jacket. This is an important rule when it comes to boating safety. A child should be wearing a life jacket before he or she ever boards a boat. Insist on them even if they complain and explain the reason why.

    Age-appropriate activities. Make sure that your child has the size and strength to take part in a certain activity safely. Plan out the day ahead and go for age-appropriate recreations such as tubing, water skiing, or snorkeling.

    Check your provisions. How to Prepare a Safe Boating with Family Before heading out for the trip, store plenty of water and snacks on board. Sunscreen is very essential. Recreational boaters are also recommended to bring a fire extinguisher and first aid kit.

    Always supervise in open waters. You may enroll your children in swimming lessons months before the trip. This way, they’ll learn how to tread water, float, and stay by the shore. But, never keep your eyes away from them.

    Keep the family entertained. During your family vacation, you want to make sure everyone is entertained. While on board and the move, you’ll need games and fun activities to make sure all travelers are happy. They should also find ways to involve children in the operation of the boat. For example, you could make them your first partner and give them little responsibilities, such as holding ropes and tying knots.

    Once you reach your goals, make sure you have everything you need to make the most of it. Since every place you land has its cultural attractions, you need to make sure you know where they are and how you can access them. If you prepare in advance, you can make the most of every goal.

  • Summer Boating Essentials

    On a warm summer’s day, on cold water, there is nothing better than boating. Like you, many more avid boaters tend to do the same. Summer boating can be much funnier than you expect, but it is necessary to consider the following before you start boating. Here are five supplies that every captain needs on board, so any emergency can be handled in a calm manner making a safe trip back home.

    Life Jackets – Any captain worth his money should know that many life jackets are always needed. Although they do not have to be carried constantly in every place; You always have to have them on board. In times of bad weather, it is best if everyone carries a life jacket on board if someone goes overboard.

    VHF radio emergency situations require a solid communication channel to fix safely. An onboard marine radio or a personal FM handheld radio is an item that every boat captain should wear. You can communicate with other boat captains and the Coast Guard in your area.

    Smoke Detector – Although water surrounds it, fire on your boat is not fun. Discover problems before they occur with smoke detectors for propane, smoke and carbon monoxide. You must not smell smoke or propane gas in the water, and carbon monoxide is odorless, so the only way to know is with a working co-detector.

    EPIRB emergency position indicator beacons send a signal to rescue teams when in distress. The EPIRB is specifically designed for maritime use and is needed if your boat is ever obstructed or is receiving water. Bring the passengers, the crew, and the captain the extra feeling that they can be found in a time of need.

    Compass or GPS – Even the most experienced boat captain may lose his bearings from time to time, and when that happens, a compass will help you get back on track quickly. A sophisticated and expensive approach is a modern GPS system designed specifically for marine environments. Even on a small lake, a compass prevents you from getting lost. You will find the dock.

    There are many cool boat accessories, but life jackets, FM radio, smoke detectors, EPIRB, and compass or GPS system are something you need to make sure you have on board before your first outing for the season. If you are new to boating, you should consider a local boat safety course to gain basic knowledge of the rules on the water and what to do when a disaster occurs. Every outing on your boat should be a fun adventure, and proper boat equipment will help you to come back safely so you can make another pleasant trip.

  • Top 5 Boating Apps of 2019

    In today’s world, your tablet or smartphone might be as fundamental on the boat as the compass, VHF, charts, weather fax and GPS altogether since there are many useful apps to help with these capacities and hundreds more.Most of them give quick access to excellent sources of the marine-related reference items on navigation, weather, seamanship, regulations, astronomy, medical safety among many others.

    There are many marine applications for each kind of boat, and mariner from tie binds direction to flag signal recognizable proof, cruising aides and racing principles, tide and star graphs to give some examples.

    1. Boat Ramps

    From the TakeMeFishing.org, the unchargeable Boat Ramps application puts boat ramps more than 35,000 and marinas all these at your fingertips. Input the area, postal division or the city. The Boat Ramps application is accessible for Apple and Android gadgets.

    2. Float Plan One

    It is always an intelligent thought to tell your loved ones your plans and whereabouts whenever out on the water. From the kind of boat, model, the vehicle makes and marina area to flight time, expected entry and other destination related information. The Float Plan One allows you efficiently record essential information regarding each part of the trip. Accessible for Apple gadgets, it is a free application.

    3. iFish USA

    The iFish USA application discloses to you where, how and when to fish. It can as well reveal to you what you have caught. It holds data on approximately close to 120,000 lakes and also the statistics and pictures of various kinds of fish. Locate the best fish circumstances and water situations prior to leaving the dock. Learn tips, procedures and state guidelines and regulations. The iFish USA application is $7.99. It is accessible for both Android and Apple gadgets.

    4. Iknots

    iKnots shows well displayed description and instructions that are simple to follow on broad range types of knots utilized in boating. If you have at any point wondered what a specific knot was utilized for, then this is the application for you. It additionally records climbing knot. This application is $2.99, and it is accessible for Apple items.

    5. Marine Charts

    This sailing application is an essential diagram plotting instrument for trip arranging and navigation. Utilize the Earth View functionality to explore the unmarked channels. The application is only $9.99. It is accessible for the Apple items.

    Using applications for boating is an incredible method to stay in touch and connected, enhance the experience and observe the safety protocols