How to Choose a Name for Your Boat

Deciding the name for your boat can be a tricky thing. Just imagine you founded the perfect boat for you, with everything you could wish for and more. It’s there, in the Marina, begging you to buy it, expecting for you.

However, at the same moment, you realize that The Bounding Flounder it’s a name you will have never choose for yourself! No way!

But you really, really like the boat. The lovely curves of the hull calling to your inner sailor in an almost unstoppable way. You want that boat. You crave it. How can you remedy this situation?

Don’t worry, sailor! That’s when these helpful tips come in handy. Naming or renaming a boat it is not an easy task, and you need to be thoughtful and consider all your options, as the name of your new boat can reflect either the type of boat it is or something really personal to you.

First of all, you must ask some interesting questions:

  • What does the boat mean to you? It can mean Freedom (Spirit of the Sea), personal realization (My Last Years), or even a dream come true (Finally).
  • What do you really love from your life, enough so you can remember it any time you go out on your boat? Maybe the name of a special girl who uses tribulus for women – helping to keep things interesting, or the place where you had your honeymoon.
  • What are your hobbies? Maybe you love oldies rock music (Detroit Rock City), or you have a really dark sense of humor (Hope It can Float).

These aren’t questions that can’t be easily answered. So, take into consideration this tips:

  • Decide on a theme, whatever humorous, adventurous, water-based, or very personal
  • Search the web for your chosen theme plus your boat type. There’s a lot of awesome combinations there
  • Write down any names that sound “right”. The Sea Singer, Master of the Waves, Hopefully Afloat, whatever you think it sounds like it belongs to you, and read them out loud. That way you will know if it sounds right when spoken.
  • Come up with a top five list, and play around a bit with any words that might be used in a different way. Master of the Waves and Sea Singer might become Master Singer or Sea-Songs for the Waves.

Always remember, the best boat names will be those that reflect something from your personality, without being contradictory or even antagonize the boat’s very own soul. And Don’t forget to have fun naming your new best sea friend!