Summer Boating Essentials

On a warm summer’s day, on cold water, there is nothing better than boating. Like you, many more avid boaters tend to do the same. Summer boating can be much funnier than you expect, but it is necessary to consider the following before you start boating. Here are five supplies that every captain needs on board, so any emergency can be handled in a calm manner making a safe trip back home.

Life Jackets – Any captain worth his money should know that many life jackets are always needed. Although they do not have to be carried constantly in every place; You always have to have them on board. In times of bad weather, it is best if everyone carries a life jacket on board if someone goes overboard.

VHF radio emergency situations require a solid communication channel to fix safely. An onboard marine radio or a personal FM handheld radio is an item that every boat captain should wear. You can communicate with other boat captains and the Coast Guard in your area.

Smoke Detector – Although water surrounds it, fire on your boat is not fun. Discover problems before they occur with smoke detectors for propane, smoke and carbon monoxide. You must not smell smoke or propane gas in the water, and carbon monoxide is odorless, so the only way to know is with a working co-detector.

EPIRB emergency position indicator beacons send a signal to rescue teams when in distress. The EPIRB is specifically designed for maritime use and is needed if your boat is ever obstructed or is receiving water. Bring the passengers, the crew, and the captain the extra feeling that they can be found in a time of need.

Compass or GPS – Even the most experienced boat captain may lose his bearings from time to time, and when that happens, a compass will help you get back on track quickly. A sophisticated and expensive approach is a modern GPS system designed specifically for marine environments. Even on a small lake, a compass prevents you from getting lost. You will find the dock.

There are many cool boat accessories, but life jackets, FM radio, smoke detectors, EPIRB, and compass or GPS system are something you need to make sure you have on board before your first outing for the season. If you are new to boating, you should consider a local boat safety course to gain basic knowledge of the rules on the water and what to do when a disaster occurs. Every outing on your boat should be a fun adventure, and proper boat equipment will help you to come back safely so you can make another pleasant trip.